Richard dragani

I hired Soft Wash Boys to clean my vinyl siding and gutters on my 2 story home. I requested a price quote and Lucas, an owner, got right back to me and came to my home the next morning. The price was reasonable and in line with another price quote and I accepted. What i liked was the soft wash aspect Lucas explained, utilizing water and a mild environmentally friendly chlorine type soap, not a hard power washing that can damage surfaces. Within a few days the other owner and help arrived in a very state of the art self contained truck with reels of hoses and solution tanks on it that looked really professional. Before they started they draped blue tarps over my landscaping bushes for protection. They sprayed (softly)the solution on the siding, windows, trim and gutters. After a period of time, they rinsed down the entire house with water, including the walkway, driveway and and deck to remove any remaining solution. My house looked much cleaner and brighter and all the mold on the North side was gone. My white trim and gutters looked almost like new, considering they are 20 years old. The Soft Wash Boys did a really great job and I highly recommend using them to clean your home.

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